Tamra Judge Dishes On ‘RHOC’ Season 10 Premiere, Does Not Address The Elephant In The Room

Tamra Judge has a lot to say about the Season 10 premiere of the Real Housewives of Orange County; however, one thing she is not addressing is Shannon Beador’s bombshell revelation that her husband had an affair.

In her Bravo blog published Tuesday, Tamra comments on the happenings of all of the Orange County Housewives, including former BFF Vicki Gunvalson. Judge addresses the comments made by her co-star during the premiere that Tamra did not reach out to her after being informed that Brooks has cancer.

“I was a little surprised to hear Vicki say that she called me to tell me that Brooks had cancer and that I never reached out to her after that call. SAY WHAT? That is 100% incorrect!!! I found out that Brooks had cancer when it was announced online. I texted Vicki at that point (we were not speaking) and told her I was sorry to hear about Brooks’ cancer and asked her if he had started treatment. Vicki NEVER called me and I never called her! I am not sure what she was trying to do, maybe make it look like I am not a good friend and she was?”

Tamra Judge goes on to comment on Heather Dubrow’s house and what a great addition Meghan Edmonds is to the show.

Mysteriously missing from her latest blog entry is any mention of David Beador’s affair or the couple’s struggle to get the marriage back on track. Since Shannon’s revelation was the most shocking of the premiere, it is curious that Tamra Judge seemingly has nothing to say on the matter. The RHOC star did, however, make mention of the scandalous event in an interview with OK! on Tuesday. According to Judge, she was not surprised about Shannon Beador’s admission because, Tamra says, she has known for a year.

“Last year I touched on issues that were being brought up with them. I knew about this last year. I knew that David was having an affair last year.”

When asked why Shannon and David Beador are airing their dirty laundry now, in front of millions of viewers, Tamra tells OK! she thinks the couple are admitting to the affair because so many people already knew. “I think too many people knew about it and she was worried that it was going to come out.”

Although Tamra Judge had a lot to say to OK! about the affair, Housewives typically address these types of issues in their Bravo blogs, in addition to doing press interviews. Could Tamra’s lack of acknowledgement of Shannon and David’s marital struggles signal trouble ahead for Judge and her co-star?

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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