Demi Lovato Joins Wilmer Valderrama In ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’: What Will Her Flavor Be?

Demi Lovato is joining boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in the El Rey TV series From Dusk Till Dawn, and her character looks like a bit of a bad**s.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Demi Lovato recently shared this exciting casting news with her fans on Instagram. The former Disney darling showed off her dark side in a photo with From Dusk Till Dawn series creator/director Robert Rodriguez. The picture was taken on the set of the show about two bank-robbing brothers (D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz), whose run-ins with vampires thwart their plans to get rich and live large.

“Me and the boss @rodriguez…. We worked #fromdusktilldawn…. Get it??” Demi captioned the photo below. “Y’all ain’t ready….”

As you can see, Demi is all decked out in black, and she’s sporting an edgy side-swept hairstyle. The “Heart Attack” singer shared a sweet second photo that shows her giving boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama a kiss on the cheek.

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“After a long night’s work…. #fromdusktilldawn,” she captioned the photo above. From Dusk Till Dawn is currently filming in Austin, Texas.

Unfortunately, Demi Lovato missed out on last season’s epic showdown at the T***y Twister biker bar — there were winged vampire strippers, codpiece revolvers (R.I.P., Sex Machine), and lots of barbecued bloodsuckers. There’s no word on who Demi will be playing when the show returns, but Variety reports that her mystery character won’t pop up until the Season 2 finale.

Demi’s character could be a love interest for Carlos, the dangerous vampire villain that Wilmer Valderrama plays on the series. However, there’s also a strong possibility that she’ll end up being one of his unfortunate victims. If this is the case, hopefully Carlos reveals what Demi’s “flavor” is — her character looks like too much of a wild child to be a cherry-lime or peach-mango, so maybe she’s a wild cherry.

Demi Lovato’s character could also be a vampire slayer trying to hunt Carlos down, but how could she possibly put a stake in that chest?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Demi recently gushed about Wilmer Valderrama’s new look for the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn. Unfortunately for her boyfriend, getting that buff bod wasn’t easy — the former That ’70s Show star told Access Hollywood that he worked out two times a day and ate tons of protein to bulk up. It also sounds like shooting Season 2 has been physically challenging and exhausting.

“There’s a lot of crazy stunts and they’re pretty plot driven so I can’t tell you too much,” Wilmer revealed. “The fact that Robert [Rodriguez] is directing the action, I mean, I just don’t think television has ever had that energy before. We’re being very ambitious.”

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether Demi Lovato will get to perform any crazy stunts, and Wilmer has remained very tight-lipped about what’s in store for Carlos. He betrayed Santanico during the Season 1 finale, and he’ll probably become even more dangerous now that he’s teamed up with extremely powerful Nine Lords of the Night. However, he has to get through that tricky temple maze first.

Are you going to watch Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato on Season 2 of From Dusk Till Dawn when it premieres August 25 on the El Rey network?

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