Clint Arlis Reacts To ‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Elimination, JJ Lane Betrayal

Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette was a very hard one for Clint Arlis to watch. That’s because it showed him getting sent home by Kaitlyn Bristowe and then getting betrayed by his best friend in the house, JJ Lane.

Prior to the episode airing, Clint posted a tweet that seemed to call out the producers and network for editing him to be the worst possible person.

After Clint watched the scene in which Kaitlyn made the decision to send him home and then JJ demanded an apology from him instead of backing him up, Clint tweeted that it was “very, very tough to watch.” Clint also explained why, during his confrontation with JJ, he told him that his shirt matches his tie. It looked as if Clint was taking a parting shot at JJs tie-shirt combo.

Clint seems to be taking what he considers the bad guy edit and losing Kaitlyn in stride. He posted a funny photo of himself and his friends posing as villains.

JJ Lane has yet to comment on what went down with Clint Arlis on Monday night’s episode, but a look at his Twitter account seems to suggest that he and Clint are still friendly and talking. Last week, both JJ and Clint likened themselves to famous comic book villains.

Kaitlyn Bristowe sent Clint Arlis home after she was told by several of the other men that he wasn’t there for the right reasons. Instead of being there for Kaitlyn, they suggested that Clint was really there to keep hanging out with JJ Lane. When Clint walked into the room where JJ was standing with some of the other men, JJ, instead of defending Clint, told Clint that he should apologize for wasting people’s time and bringing negativity in. Not surprisingly, this led Clint to lash out at JJ. After Clint left, JJ cried and even slapped himself.

In his latest Yahoo blog post, host Chris Harrison admitted that he found the whole thing that went down between Clint and JJ weird.

“When Clint was leaving, for some inexplicable reason a bus was backed right over him and who was the driver? None other than his close friend, JJ. The only thing more perplexing than JJ being the one to sell Clint down the river was the subsequent response and reaction from these two. JJ went to go explain himself but Clint just wasn’t having any of it. These two ‘friends; got nose to nose and went at it. The only thing is I honestly couldn’t tell if they wanted to kiss or kill each other…After watching it back I’m only more confused as to what I witnessed. If you didn’t understand Clint and JJ’s relationship last week, then this week certainly didn’t help to clear anything up. So Clint leaves and everybody moves on right? Wrong! JJ’s reaction that we showed you after Clint left, left me utterly speechless. His emotional breakdown after he burned Clint put a cherry on what has been the strangest relationship I’ve seen in quite some time.”

Even The Bachelorette star herself seemed confused by what happened with Clint and JJ. Kaitlyn Bristowe tweeted her surprise at JJ’s outrageous reaction to Clint going home.

Will viewers see Clint Arlis and JJ Lane again? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the two are unlikely to turn up on the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise.

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