Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Michael Vick As New Quarterback For Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Michael Vick are making the rounds. The Seahawks could sign Vick as a new quarterback for the 2015 NFL season, giving him another shot at a Super Bowl ring. A report from ESPN on Tuesday (June 9) states that Vick wants to play three more seasons in the NFL, even if he has to do it as a backup. Vick still feels that he should be a starting quarterback, though, even if there aren’t many NFL teams calling him for that purpose.

This is where the Seahawks come into play, as the team has had trouble getting Tarvaris Jackson to re-sign. Jackson was the starter at one point for Seattle, but has since become an adequate backup to starter Russell Wilson. Now the Seahawks need to ensure that the expense for a backup doesn’t become too great and Jackson wants to still be highly paid. The negotiations have hit a wall, which is why the name of Michael Vick is now coming to the forefront. Replacing Jackson with Vick might make a lot of sense on paper.

The allure of Vick to the Seahawks is that he is a mobile quarterback. He could easily step in for the Seahawks and run the same plays that Wilson does for the team. He might not be as quick as when he was scampering for touchdowns with the Atlanta Falcons, but Vick might still have something to offer in the NFL. Last season he appeared in 10 games for the New York Jets, splitting time as the quarterback for Rex Ryan. Vick had just a 68.3 quarterback rating and completed only 52.9 percent of his passes, which is a reason his value has taken a hit in NFL free agency.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Vick has been very vocal about players getting a second chance in the NFL, but he may have exhausted his good favor with fans. A big question that the front office of the Seattle Seahawks has to ask is whether Vick would be able to help the team enough to overcome the negative reaction some fans might experience from the team signing him. He brings a lot of baggage that a Seahawks team which has been to two consecutive Super Bowls doesn’t really need.

The drama about the Russell Wilson contract extension, the Marshawn Lynch media silence, Michael Bennett wanting a raise, and Bruce Irvin possibly heading to free agency might be enough for the Seahawks already. Even getting linked to Vick has created negative reactions on social media. There are bound to be more Seattle Seahawks rumors in regard to signing up a new backup quarterback this NFL offseason, especially if Tarvaris Jackson wants too much money. But is Michael Vick really a positive answer?

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