Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Are Not Divorcing, Says Nicole’s Father Lionel Richie

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are not heading for a divorce. According to Hello! Magazine Nicole’s father, Lionel Richie, set the record straight after rumors popped up that the couple were facing marital issues.

Speaking about the couple’s relationship, Lionel said that they’re actually making big changes, but none of those changes have anything to do with divorce. “They’ve bought a new house and the moving van was pulling up at their old house to move to the new one. Hence the story they are breaking up.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Daily Mail had claimed that there was a “tense meeting” between Madden and Richie, while the two got some pizza. According to the initial report Richie had looked concerned, and both looked frustrated after they stepped out of their impromptu pizza meeting. Then, from the paparazzi photo, it was stated that she kept her hands covered to hide her wedding ring, but going by Nicole’s sweater it looks like it was just a cold day and she was trying to keep warm.

That said, this was nothing more than a mere speculation as the $3.5 million mansion they put up for sale was just a preparation for an even bigger space for the happy couple. As for the new place, Lionel Richie detailed that the house has a yard and pool.

“I went over to the new place recently and there were the Pup-Pups—otherwise known as my grandchildren—running around all excited showing me their new yard and their new pool.”

As for whether or not Nicole is going to clear up the divorce rumors, she said she’s content to not speak about it. Lionel said, “‘Aren’t you going to clear [the rumors] up?’ I asked Nicole. ‘Nah, it’s OK,’ she said…She’s a seasoned Richie,” he said. “But, as I said to Nicole, ‘Rumors you don’t worry about. It’s when they print something and it’s true you need to worry.'”

Back in April of 2014, Joel Madden opened up to Australia’s 60 Minutes about trying to win Nicole, who he’s been with since 2006.

“When I first would see her around, we were friends. But I don’t think I’m the obvious choice. I’m always like, ‘Just give me a shot. Just give me one date.’ If I can get my foot in the door…”

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