Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift May Get Together On A Concert Tour, But #Sweeran Is Not Happening

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have always been good friends, and a lot of Sheeran fans and Swifties have tried to convince themselves that the two are dating and that #Sweeran is happening. But Ed Sheeran finally puts a dot on the dating debacle with Taylor Swift as he confirms that the only hook-up that will happen between them is for a concert tour.

Hit-maker Ed Sheeran talked to People and teased another possible collaboration with “Bad Blood” artist Taylor Swift. People asked Sheeran about his plans to join Taylor Swift on her tour at the red carpet of the American Institute for Stuttering’s benefit gala in New York and Ed Sheeran puts out a pretty vague but playful answer.

The tour’s a long tour, so wait and see, but right now I’m touring at the same time so … yeah.”

But the event’s host, Emily Blunt, couldn’t be satisfied with such vague words from Sheeran so she pressed him for more details.

It wouldn’t really be a surprise if I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s actually going to be this date at this time. So I’m going to say no and then give you a wink.”

Blunt decided that was definitely a yes from icon Ed Sheeran, but, of course, we still have to wait around for more details.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift had already made some collaborations in the past, with their first musical hook-up in 2012 for the song “Everything Has Changed.” Ed Sheeran had also appeared in several gigs by Taylor Swift such as the Red tour in 2013. Since then, the two have created a tight friendship and fans have always pushed for #Sweeran to happen. But apart from their hilarious selfies and playful text messages, the fans should just settle for their special friendship for now.

Actually, Ed Sheeran reveals that he has never considered dating Taylor Swift for one reason—height.

In a radio interview with The Breakfast Club, 24-year old Ed Sheeran admits that he couldn’t possibly date Taylor Swift because she is too tall for him and they would look like a Hobbit movie.

I don’t know man, I feel like we’ll look like cast members of The Hobbit. She’s like in the elven kingdom, she’s like you know hanging out with Galadriel and I’ve got hairy feet.”

So Ed Sheeran spilled it out. Sheeran and Taylor dating will not happen. But hopeful fans should hold on to their seats and wait for the announcement of Ed Sheeran’s surprise appearance in Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour this year.

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