WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall Enters Detox Facility For Recent Issues

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has had his demons for years. Years ago, he was known as Razor Ramon. This man was potentially the best man, at the time, to never have a World Title to his name. The reason most felt he never achieved this honor in a major company was due to the fact that he had substance abuse issues. No one could trust Hall, which led to several problems over the years.

When he retired, his problems only got worse. He went from doing things small to doing them large. On top of this, his past drug problems only made the current issues worse for him. WWE has paid for more rehab time for Scott Hall than any other former or current WWE talent, but it never seemed to work. Hall would get clean and go back to his vices. There was never a rest period for longer than a couple months. That was, until DDP came along.

The former WWE Superstar turned yoga teacher has invented one of the best workout programs on the planet. He not only managed to get Hall back in shape, but he also helped to get him off drugs as well as helped him stay off them. Hall was seemingly great for over a year and had so many opportunities laid out for him. Then he hit bottom again, but not as bad as before, thankfully. He was at an Indy show and ended up drinking a lot after being handed drink after drink. He was in a bad way, and there is no telling what happened after this.

Hall was removed from that very show, and Jeff Jarrett even cut him from his upcoming Global Force Wrestling work. It was also rumored that Hall would be getting a job with WWE, but this may be in jeopardy now. According to Scott Hall himself, he will be entering a detox facility that will hopefully help him deal with his recent ordeal. He had this to say to his Twitter followers.

“Happy to report I’m checking in to a detox facility to address my recent difficulty. Thanks to all the supporters out there. #HallGood

It is uncertain how long he is staying or if WWE is paying for it. However, there is a hope that since Scott Hall has not had a ton of problems before this, he can kick this problem and then move on. For now, though, plans for him and WWE are on hold. WWE will be releasing a Kliq BlueRay/DVD set very soon. The idea was to have all members of The Kliq gather for a WWE Network special to discuss a variety of things. However, this is now cancelled.

Let us all hope the WWE Hall of Famer gets better and we can see him back before too long. People want to see Scott Hall healthy and clean, so hopefully he will do that not only for the fans but for himself.

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