Wait, Is The U.S. Military Secretly Preparing For An Asteroid Strike?

Conspiracy theorists believe that they’ve found further evidence that the world is about to come to an end because of a huge asteroid strike in September, after they stated that planned U.S. military operation Jade Helm is in preparation for the potential apocalypse.

Over the last few days, bloggers and conspiracy theorists have been insisting that the world is going to come to an end between September 22 and 28, thanks to an asteroid, which the world’s politicians are apparently aware of and are keeping from the public.

According to the Express, one blogger has even written that Jade Helm 15, a controversial military training exercise which is scheduled to take place between July 15 and September 15, 2015, across the southern states, is in preparation for the riots that will reign across the country as the asteroid’s alleged impact date grows closer.

One conspiracy theorist took to the Whistleblower800 website to declare his theory. The writer alleges that because the world’s politicians have failed to stop the asteroid from hitting earth they are now trying to prepare for the public’s reaction and the ensuing anarchy.

The writer scribed, “This (the asteroid) is why the military is deploying Jade Helm this summer, because it may no longer be possible to cover it all up. Jade Helm is an insurance policy. If we make it to fall, JH will just be a training exercise.”

According to the Mirror, the post continued, “If not, Jade Helm will have troops in place to put down what is going to be pandemonium and revolution. For us, even if we don’t live in the inner cities where the riots are bound to begin, the worst part is that we have been set up to be the opposition. The U.S. military will shoot at us, because we will be seen as fools refusing to accept the sacrifices required to save our planet.”

The writer then used this as a call to arms, stating that those with weapons need to use them. “If those of us with the guns don’t wake up to it now, we are setting ourselves up for imprisonment and slaughter.”

However, despite the conspiracy theorists’ comments, a NASA spokesman has declared that a large asteroid isn’t going to hit the planet for “several hundred years.” They added, “As best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

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