Kim Zolciak Makeup-Free Selfie: Fans Praise Reality TV Star’s Natural Look, Urge Her To Embrace It

Kim Zolciak’s makeup-free selfie with her husband, Kroy Biermann, stunned fans after she posted the shot on Instagram. The reality TV star is known for always looking glamorous, but most would say that even without the makeup, she’s stunning. The mom of six isn’t shy about showing off a bit when she’s feeling great, and this latest shot was no exception.

The photo on Instagram showed Kim and Kroy in the pool together. Kim Zolciak’s makeup-free photo came with hashtags noting that she felt free, and some joking that Kroy was pretty tired of taking pictures for Snapchat. She added that she had worked out that morning, then took off the makeup and hair to hit the pool with her husband and four littlest kiddos, and they had a blast for hours.

Kim added, “Does it get any better [than] this,” with some extra smiley faces indicating she was having a pretty awesome day. Seeing Kim Zolciak makeup-free is a bit of a change of pace for the reality TV star, but one that fans seemed to love. The post garnered more than 43,000 likes and almost 1,000 comments.

Not only did many fans love Zolciak’s makeup-free look, quite a few commented that she looks truly fantastic this way and really should leave the wigs and makeup off more often. Quite a few also commented that she looks quite a bit younger with this look, as well. Will this propel Kim to go with a more natural look a bit more often? Most would guess she’s pretty set in her ways at this point, but she definitely is getting encouragement to embrace a more natural style.

Kim frequently posts photos detailing her fitness, diet, and wardrobe, and it’s clear she’s proud of her looks after having six children. Other recent Instagram photos from the Don’t Be Tardy star feature her young kiddos, of course, as well as a shot with Kim touting the waist trainer success she’s had. The waist training has been making headlines recently thanks in particular to Kim Kardashian, and Kim didn’t necessarily get a great reception to this photo.

While Zolciak is thrilled that she’s lost four inches from the trainer, she didn’t get nearly as many likes on that post as she did on her makeup-free photo. Some followers are praising the photo, Kim’s efforts, and the technique, though others are quite vocal about their disappointment or concern. The look is pretty severe on Kim and some would say that this photo, coming a couple of days after the makeup-free photo, shows that the reality TV star just can’t quite embrace her more natural self.

Will fans get to see more of the Kim Zolciak makeup-free look, or will the star continue to mostly focus on her traditional heavier makeup, wigs, and waist training experiments? Chances are that this reality TV star will always trend toward the fancy side of things, but fans have made it clear they love to see her looking a bit simpler as well.

[Image via Kim Zolciak’s Instagram]

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