One Direction: ‘So Called Fans’ Spew Vile Abuse At Fifth Harmony’s Lauren

Once again, so-called fans of boy band One Direction have waded into controversy spawned by their obsession with one of the members of the band. Sadly, it seems that anyone who dares to form a friendship, let alone a romance, with One Direction stars Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan risk being subjected to a torrent of abuse by disgruntled fans.

The latest figure of hate for One Direction fans is an 18-year-old American singer called Lauren Jauregui. Lauren sings in a group called Fifth Harmony, a group brought together by Simon Cowell in the same way that that One Direction were five years ago. Since 2010, One Direction have gone on to become the biggest boy band in the world, and they are idolized across the world by predominantly teenage girls.

So, what has Lauren done to stir the anger of One Directions fans? Believe it or not, she shared a taxi with One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, and a picture of the pop star pair in the same car circulated on social media. The pair were on their way home from a nightclub after attending the semi-final of another of Cowell’s reality TV shows, Britain’s Got Talent. According to News Australia, Lauren has received a torrent of abuse on social media after being photographed with Tomlinson.

According to the Washington Post, One Direction fans called Lauren a “s**t,” and told her she was “fat and ugly.” Unreality TV report that Lauren told the Sun that there was a perfectly innocent reason for her sharing a cab with Louis. Lauren explained that her phone had died and she had no way of getting home so Louis, ever the gentleman, offered her a lift.

“My phone died and I had no way to get home so Louis said, ‘Just jump in a car with me.’ We got to know each other that night, it was the first time we really hung out. And he was nice enough to take me back.”

It seems that Lauren is made of the right stuff. She told the Sun that she would not let One Direction fans, or anyone else for that matter, dictate how she lives her life.

Lauren said, “the amount of hate I got for that picture… I got a slew of things like, ‘You’re a s**t you’re ugly, you’re fat.’ I won’t allow people who don’t know what’s going on to dictate situations.”

Sadly, this incident is just the latest in a long list of similar incidents involving One Direction fans. Back in March of this year, some One Direction fans urged others to self harm as a show of solidarity when Zayn Malik quit the band. When Niall Horan was linked with Aussie student Melissa Whitelaw, she was subjected to death threats from One Direction fans.

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