Carrie Underwood: Baby Weight Loss Success In Just 4 Months Due To Vegan Diet And Fitness Trainer Tips [Video]

Carrie Underwood credits her baby weight loss success to her fitness trainer combined with a healthy vegan diet. And as Carrie croons to her beautiful baby, that trainer sharing her role in Underwood’s weight loss, reported People.

Weight loss became particularly important to Carrie now that it’s four months since her son, Isaiah Michael, was born. With a new exercise line called Calia, Underwood wanted to rock her fitness wear in a photo shoot. And while her fans marveled at how fabulous the new mom looked, celebrity personal trainer Erin Oprea says it’s both fun and effective.

While a warm-up and cool-down are important, variety is essential as well, emphasizes Erin.

“Sometimes we’ll go for a run with lots of hills, stop at a park to do some pull ups, push ups, step ups and other fun body weight stuff,” said Oprea.

By mixing and matching, it provides Carrie with a better workout while also avoiding the danger of boredom.

“Keep it fun and keep shocking the body,” advised the trainer. “No two workouts seem to end up the same.”

As for diet, Underwood has been a vegan for years, reported Entertainment Tonight. When she travels, however, and also when she’s pregnant, Carrie modifies it slightly.

For Underwood, that modification means expanding to a vegetarian plan, which allows dairy and eggs.

“I have been a little more vegetarian than vegan especially with traveling, so it’s a little hard to order food from hotels and stuff when you’re vegan. I’ve modified a little bit, but I think I’ve stayed pretty normal.”

Carrie’s active wear attire, which involves joining forces with Dick’s Sporting Goods, is called Calia. Underwood’s goals were to make fitness clothing that’s both affordable and attractive. And she’s dedicated to her own workout program.

“I still make it a point to be very active. Doing something, hiking, going for a run, lifting weights, boxing, doing things like that. It makes me feel good. It is great to do something for me, and that is something for me. I think that women should make time. A little time, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Carrie became a vegan after a friend convinced her.

“I love eating and talking about food. I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years. But after seeing a friend who looked amazing and had recently gone vegan, I thought, What’s holding me back? Now I’m 95 percent vegan,” she said.

And thanks to that combination of diet and fitness, Underwood will flaunt her fit post-baby weight loss at the 2015 CMT Music Awards. The event will mark her first live TV performance since Isaiah Michael Fisher was born on February 27.

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