Tracy Morgan’s Daughter Afraid? Actor Says His Baby Daughter Was Afraid Of His Wheelchair Following Accident

Tracy Morgan said that his daughter was afraid of him following a car crash that left him in very serious condition. According to People Magazine, the actor had a hard time dealing with the fact that his baby girl wouldn’t come near him. She was afraid of his wheelchair.

“[Maven] was a baby when I first came home from the hospital, so she was scared of the wheelchair. She wouldn’t come over to me … I took that personally. [My family] guided me and said, ‘No, she’s a baby and she’ll come around.’ She was young. I was in a wheelchair every day. [But] my fiancée and my son, they wouldn’t let me just lie down,” the comedian explained.

Tracy Morgan knew his daughter was afraid, and that she would come around, but that didn’t make it any easier for him. Naturally, as a dad, he wanted to reassure his little girl, and he did his best to let her know that it was okay, and that he was still her “Dada.”

“I would ask her, ‘Do you know I’m your dad?’ She knows that now and that’s what’s important to me. It’s Dada. She loves her daddy and she knows who her daddy is,” Morgan said.

According to Today, Morgan recently visited the SNL studio for the first time since the accident. Morgan walked alongside Matt Lauer, and was asked what the set made him think of. His response was simple: home. When asked about how the last year has been for him, Morgan told Lauer that it’s definitely been hard, and that he has been “down.”

Morgan said that his family definitely did a great job keeping his spirits up, and also mentioned that Tina Fey and several of his other friends who called him helped get his spirits up. He said that the case (involving the accident) is settled, but the pain of losing his friend is always going to be there.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Morgan was involved in a serious accident when a tractor trailer collided with the vehicle that Morgan and his friends were riding in. The actor filed a lawsuit against Walmart, and against the driver of the truck, but it clearly wasn’t about money.

Morgan’s injuries were severe, and he is still recovering — often walking with a cane or a walker. It may take several more months for Tracy to further improve, but he is undoubtedly lucky to be alive.

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