Edward Garcia: Florida Camper Calls 911, Hits On Dispatcher, Brags On ‘Guns’

Undoubtedly, Eduardo “Edward” Raoul Garcia is kicking himself for a blunder in Florida he wish he’d never attempted. The smooth-talking camper was arrested Wednesday for allegedly calling a 911 operator repeatedly, bragging about his muscles and asking her out on a date, according to a Huffington Post news report.

Garcia, 44, was camping out at Florida state park when he reportedly called the emergency call system from his mobile phone. Records show he wanted to file a police report about receiving harassing telephone calls. Sources did not elaborate on the specifics of his complaint — or if Garcia had basis to even file one.

Then, the magic happened, just like something out of a fairytale: Romeo put the moves on Juliet — at least he thought so. During the call with the Florida 911 operator, Garcia began to get personal. He allegedly transitioned the call into a matchmaking moment.

Police say the happy camper began bragging about his muscles. At that point, the operator disconnected the call, showing no interest in her possible muscle-bound suitor. Besides, it wouldn’t have been the first time operators received prank calls on the 911 system. But that didn’t stop the determined man; he called back repeatedly and even asked the dispatcher if she was single and available for a date.

Fruitland Park police officers were dispatched after the call was traced. They arrived at Lake Griffin State Park, about 50 miles due north of Orlando, and met with a worker there. The attendant said a man recently checked in, and appeared a bit strange — loopy, even.

Cops went to a tent registered to Garcia. They called the number from the “Mr. Lover Lover” 911 caller, and it rang. Moments later, they met with Garcia, who became belligerent. Perhaps the beer cans in his tent explained the man’s behavior.

According to the Florida police report, Garcia threatened to kill and head butt the arresting officer. Additionally, in the police car, the Casanova wooer allegedly spit on the back of the cop’s head.

In the end, Garcia didn’t get his morning glory. Instead, he was booked at Lake County Jail in Florida. He faces several criminal charges: misuse of the 911 system and battery on a law enforcement officer.

[Photo by Robert Cianflone / Getty Images]

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