Miley Cyrus Loves Starbucks AND Twitter (and Twitpic)

On April 6th, Miley Cyrus posted the following tweet from her phone to her Twitter account:

“helplessly and hopelessly wondering around ny trying to find a starbucks.”

Then, as a followup to the above, she posted this photo to her Twitpic account:


Miley’s comment accompanying the photo?

“Found a starbysss yayy! God bless gps!!!”.

Not that Starbucks needs any extra promotion or anything, but imagine if the company had went through conventional channels and hired Miley Cyrus to do a photo shoot endorsing their product. The endorsement alone would be in the 6 figures and ad spend would have been millions to get Miley’s photo seen by the public.

Instead, Miley expressed her fondness of Starbucks coffee, told over 135,000 of her Twitter friends that she was out wandering around at night looking for a store and after finding it, had her picture taken holding the coffee and posted it online.

Instant 7 figures worth of promo and publicity for Starbucks, for free.

If you (and/or) your company are not already on, you need to be.

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