Redneck Pranks At The Jackman House: ‘This Is Why Mom Doesn’t F*****g Love You!’

Warning: Video contains explicit language.

It is said that every family has that one family member that doesn’t seem to fit in well, the one that is just different from the others. For the Jenner family, that one person is Caitlyn Jenner. For the Simpsons, it is easily Bart Simpson, for Sarah Palin’s family, it is often joked to be Sarah Palin (she can see Russia from her doorstep).

For the Jackman household, that one person who seems to be the “black sheep” is Lance Kale Jackman. Apparently, such was confirmed during one of his pranks when another one of his family members said the following.

“This is why mom doesn’t f*****g love you!”

The video was uploaded on Lance Kale Jackman’s official YouTube page on June 2, 2015. In it, he sneaks up on another family member – which is assumed to be his brother – with a loud toy gun. He fires the gun which in turn wakes up the brother. In a fit of anger, the brother than turns towards Lance and screams the infamous line of why his mother doesn’t love him.

Apparently, many on YouTube have found the prank and the reaction afterwards to be hilarious. The video currently has 1.7 million views on YouTube and out of those views, 11K have liked it and only a little over 840 have not. Also, the video is currently trending as it is the 58th most watched video as detailed by the #PopularOnYouTube list. Given the fact the video is 5-days-old, it is probably on the decline on the list.

Now that you’ve seen the video on why Lance Kale Jackman’s mother doesn’t love him, what do you think? Are you like the 11K viewers who liked it or the 840 who did not?

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