‘Two and a Half Men’ Creator Is Sorta Sorry About Sexist Jokes

Two and a Half Men creator Lee Aronsohn has made a career out of telling jokes about the often absurd things that happen between men and women and while he has never shied away from jokes about box sexes he has come under hot water this week for some jokes about women.

Aronsohn was talking to the Hollywood Reporter this week when he told the publication:

“We are approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation.”

Aronsohn made the comment when talking about shows that include Whitney and 2 Broke Girls. He then continued by noting:

“Enough, ladies. I get it. You have periods.”

If that wasn’t enough to anger women the comedy creator then continued his tirade by revealing:

“We’re centering the show on two very damaged men. What makes men damaged? Sorry, it’s women. I never got my heart broken by a man.”

After he made his off color jokes Twitter users began to attack the show creator including comic Jen Kirkman who declared a “fatwa’ on Aronsohn.

In response to the various internet comments Aronsohn jokes:

“I’m scared. Just looked out my window and vaginas are storming the streets with sitcom ideas!”

Eventually the Two and a Half Men creator admitted that “Yes, yes-it was a stupid joke. I’m sorry” but not before he pointed out that he has made a career out of joking about male body parts to which he said:

“Women, please look up ‘irony.”

Do you think Lee Aronsohn owed an apology to women?

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