Jimmy Fallon Slaps The Taste Out Of Jason Statham On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon proved to be a far stronger man than Jason Statham in a recent video in which the former slapped the taste out of the latter. Not only that, said video is making its rounds on the internet and becoming a viral hit.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Jason Statham recently finished acting in the latest movie in the Fast & Furious series, Furious 7 starring Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. Now that planning for the next installment is happening now, Statham can concentrate on his next acting role, which might be for the role of Bullseye in the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil. That may not happen though, since Statham did show a disinterest in playing any Marvel part, either it be a show or a movie.

Anyways, the video of Jimmy Fallon slapping the taste out of Jason Statham was all part of a skit/game done when Statham made a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Both of them played a game called “Slapjack” in which the loser would get slapped in the face by the winner. Despite the fact that both participants wore foam hands, Jason Statham acted the part of getting slapped hard quite well. Needless to say, it was something seeing the tough guy get handed by someone who isn’t exactly a tough guy in a matter of speaking.

YouTube enthusiasts surely love the video though, as over 1.1 million views have already been numbered in and counting. About 13.5K of those views liked the video, while a little under 200 of those views found the video a waste of time. That ratio is not bad at all. It should also be reported the video is the 21st most-watched video on the social video site as shown by the #PopularOnYouTube list.

Now that you’ve watched Jimmy Fallon slap the taste out of Jason Statham, what do you think? Did you find it funny or an overuse of slapstick comedy?

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