Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyle Regret Revealed As SJP Talks Fashion, Yoga, And ‘Sex And The City’ [Photos]

Sarah Jessica Parker has a hairstyle regret. The stylish Sex and the City actress is known as a fabled fashionista, but when it comes to SJP’s hair, short bobs prove that less is more isn’t always true, reported Yahoo.

Serge Normant is the hairstylist responsible for Parker’s hair happiness and regrets of the past. Reflecting on a curly bob that she sported for Wonder of the World, Sarah Jessica winces with regret.

Sarah Jessica Parker shows off short hairstyle regret.
Sarah Jessica Parker shows off short hair.

“Serge cut it off for Sex and the City,” explained Parker. “That’s maybe time to be forgotten and to never be discussed again!”

And that’s not all, added Sarah Jessica in going through her mental photo album of hairstyles.

Sarah Jessica Parker flaunts hairstyle.
Sarah Jessica Parker flaunts hairstyle.

There were higher-than-her-heels beehives, believe-it-or-not big bangs, and even not-quite-hawk braids.Through it all, Serge Normant has helped Parker to survive the incessant spotlight of the fashion world.

Other famous folks who can’t live without Serge’s hairstyles are Julia Roberts and Julianne Moore. SJP posted a photo of Serge’s new salon opening.

In addition to how to get Sarah Jessica’s hairstyle without regretting your decision, her many admirers also often wonder how to get her fabulous figure. As the Inquisitr reported, Parker credits her low carb diet and fitness plan for her ability to stay slim.

Relying on celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, who also works with Kelly Ripa and Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica is devoted to her workout regime. And Parker recently expressed her appreciation for her ability to incorporate exercise into her life.

“I’m fortunate enough to have things like private trainers and yoga classes. I realize that,” she declared.

But Sarah Jessica isn’t spending all her time working out and contemplating her hairstyle regrets. Instead, the 50-year-old Parker is busy designing shoes, reported Us Weekly.

But not just any shoes. The SJP Collection is now featuring bridal shoes. And because it’s Sarah Jessica, pumps are just part of the package. You get a beautifully hued box in which to cherish your memorably blue heels, from royal blue to baby blue. Bling adds to the charm.

Fans of SJP haven’t given up hope that a Sex and the City 3 will magically appear, reported Today. So is it a go?

Sarah Jessica titillated her followers by sharing a photo with a caption that hinted at a possible sequel to the beloved film.

“Well. I guess the cat’s out of the (little brown) bag. As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able. I’m under strict gag order until then. Xx, Sj.”

So was it time to start “OMG! #SATC3” trending on Twitter? Bummer in the summer, but the answer was no. Instead, the announcement was a shoe-in for SJP’s shoes.

“Pinch me, I’m dreaming,” Parker posted. “After months and months of sworn secrecy, I can finally shout the news from the rooftop. Or even better, from the iconic @bloomingdales awning. Welcome to New York, @sjpcollection. You’re going to love it here. Finally, a permanent home in NYC.”

However, Sex and the City seductress Kristin Davis dropped a real clue.

“I do not know what’s happening,” claimed Kristin. “Of course I’d be in it! We’d all be in it.”

Hope — and hairstyles — bloom.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Photo by GV Cruz/Getty Images for Nordstrom; Photo by Diane Freed/Getty Images]

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