‘MasterChef’ Cook Graham Elliot Talks Reinventing America’s Favorites And His Background

Everybody loves food. Instead of food being a constant, it changes everyday. Each person cooks, prepares, and makes food differently. Graham Elliot, judge on MasterChef, is a world-renowned chef who integrates different cultures into his dishes. For example, here is a picture of Graham Elliot cooking on Twitter.

This is just one example of Elliot’s brilliance on a plate. Not only has Elliot been on MasterChef, but the a new show called, Craziest Restaurants In America. Aside from the new television show, Elliot is reinventing American favorites and he’s using Mike’s Hard Lemonade as well.

“I’ve done these different dishes, whether it’s the chicken and watermelon or the Grahamburger, or the little grit cakes with the roasted corn, but also what they’re paired with. So, different flavors of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, the peach, the hard apple, the cherry and showing people that it’s not just beer and lemonade. It’s not just some over-cooked hot dog, it’s being able to put these things together and showing them a new light.”

When asked about why he’s doing what he is doing, it’s about doing something new. Graham Elliot has had the opportunity to cook for President Obama for his 49th birthday. Elliot created 20-course menus and even owns a restaurant in Chicago. Elliot is on a mission to re-create American classics with his own spin to it.

“So, what if I, instead of ground beef and cream and mushroom soup, did a wild mushroom puree with spatial instead of egg noodle and then a 10-hour short rib on top?”

“Then you taste it and then you know what you think its supposed to taste like, but then you try it and taken to a whole other level because of how good it is. It’s fun to see that on people’s faces. What I’ll cook today isn’t what I’ll cook next year and vice-versa. You’re constantly trying new things,” said Elliot.

Graham Elliot is also a multi-faceted chef, as he was selected to curate the NFL Draft festival this past April. For an event such as that, grilling is a favorite during football season. When asked where Graham Elliot finds his motivation, it’s quite simple. It’s about the culture and understanding of the food. “You start working professionally in a kitchen, you understand how things go together and then you start finding your own voice and do your own style. That’s what’s been so rewarding.”

[Image via Ross Dettman/AP Images for mike’s hard lemonade]

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