Check this out – how to look goofier than riding a Segway

Personal wheeled transportation – it seems like everyone wants to get into the game that Segway started. Even GM is partnering up with Segway to develop a two-seater personal transportation called the PUMA. Now I’m not so sure what it the problem with something as simple as a bike or God forbid our own two legs but as you can see from the PR photograph anything developed by Segway and GM has been totally eclipsed in all forms of goofy looking.

Yes you too can wander the highways and byways looking like a reject from the Robocop factory. The Chariot as it is being called is manufactured by Exmovere Holdings and you control its movements by sensors located around your hips

Exmovere Chariot is controlled by subtle movements of the lower torso and hips. Sensors inside the cocoon-like shell of the vehicle predict the intended motion of the wearer. The Chariot requires no manual dexterity, minimal physical effort and allows wearers to closely approach and reach objects. The upright form of the Chariot allows its wearer to make direct eye contact with others. The Chariot is battery powered and can travel up to 12 miles per hour.

Exmovere is billing the Chariot as a mobility device for amputees and folks who have difficulty standing. It might be an interesting idea and may indeed be ideal for amputees but damn do you ever look goofy riding around in one.

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