NBA Commissioner David Stern Wants To Increase League’s Minimum Age Requirement

If NBA Commissioner David Stern has his way NBA players will have to wait beyond 19 years old before they will be eligible to join the NBA.

Stern has been critical of the league and NCAA’s “one and done” rule and his skepticism has picked up recently following news of Kentucky Wildcat Anthony Davis and his decision to enter the NFL draft after just one year.

Davis is a definitely possibility for the first pick of the 2012 NFL draft, a name commissioner Stern will have to call despite his insistence that players are too young at 19 to play in the NBA.

This isn’t the first time David Stern has went after the leagues eligibility rules, his team of negotiators tried to up the age requirement during collective bargaining last year but a deal couldn’t be reached with the players association. The NBA players association however did agree to form a committee to discuss an age requirement change which would come with some concessions from NBA owners.

In a public statement David Stern said he would love to “add a year” to the “one and done” agreement which would make the age of entry 20-years-old.

The current age limit was instituted in 2005 under Stern’s direction and during that time NBA scouts began spending more time watching college students and less time in high school gyms.

In the meantime Kentucky head coach John Calipari continues to encourage his players to take off for the NBA when they’ll be chosen in the first round and with a newly minted national championship under his program it’s hard to argue that he isn’t capable of turning players into stars after just one year under his leadership.

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