Kim Hyun Joong Court Case: K-Drama Star’s Parents Appear, Deny Claims Of Ex-Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

Back in 2009, Kim Hyun Joong was on top of the Korean entertainment world portraying the musically talented Yoon Ji Hoo, one of the F4 in the hit K-drama Boys Over Flowers. Kim followed through with other K-drama roles such as Playful Kiss and Inspiring Generation, but it’s being a part of the K-pop group SS501 that he is known for besides Boys Over Flowers.

Such a presence in both K-drama and K-pop over the year equates to accumulated wealth. Unfortunately, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend is wanting a huge chunk of that pot in a damage lawsuit. Now to protect his assets, Kim’s parents have appeared in the case, denying claims of the ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy.

According to KpopStarz, the representatives of Kim Hyun Joong head to the Seoul Central District Court on June 22, 2015. They will dispute the damage lawsuit in which Kim’s ex-girlfriend — who is going by her surname Choi — is wanting around $1.4 million. Choi claims she has suffered psychological damage resulting in her relationship with Kim. She even claims suffering physical abuse which resulted in her pregnancy (which is now miscarried).

Prior to the court date, Kim Hyun Joong’s parents appeared in a preliminary hearing on June 3, 2015. Apparently, Kim’s father told reporters the ex-girlfriend’s family has admitted the pregnancy is not true, as detailed by Mwave.

“Even her family said her pregnancy is not true. Her parents were the ones who showed resentment toward their daughter’s claim of pregnancy.”

As of now, Choi never submitted any substantial proof of her pregnancy or miscarriage. This was brought up by Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer. The opposing side countered, saying they submitted text messages between Choi and Kim as evidence. Yet, that does nothing in proving Choi’s pregnancy. However, they seem to have evidence to prove such a claim true.

“We are submitting evidence that will objectively verify her pregnancy. We cannot reveal the specifics but we have data to refute Kim Hyun Joong’s claim.”

Preliminary hearings will continue until June 22, 2015. As for the June 3, 2015 preliminary, both Kim Hyun Joong and Choi were not present.

[Image via Kdrama Stars]

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