A Couple Got Married On Their Flight To Seattle As JetBlue Employees Arranged The Impromptu Ceremony

A Boston-based couple that had been dating for quite some time has been welcomed into holy matrimony, a little closer to god than most. The couple was married by the staff of a JetBlue flight, while the plane flew from Boston to Seattle.

A couple that might have had some trouble taking that huge step towards marriage, was wedded by JetBlue staff. It might be necessary to note that no member of the staff was an ordained minister which would have made the wedding an official one. Nonetheless, it was certainly a memorable and one-of-kind occasion, one that the passengers of the particular flight won’t forget soon.

Dina Zawaski and Chas Belliveau were on their way to Seattle. The couple had been dating for almost a decade, but hadn’t gotten around setting a date for the big day, until now. Incidentally, the couple was supposed to land in Seattle, rent a car, and then road trip down the coast to San Diego for their wedding.

Though the plan was a secret, Dina couldn’t help hinting about their impending nuptials to a JetBlue flight stewardess. She asked the flight attendant for a drink, jokingly mentioning it was “kind of” her bachelorette party. Apparently it was all the JetBlue staff needed to hear and decided to arrange for an impromptu wedding, albeit completely unofficial, for the couple, one they could always remember.

It's Impressive What The Flight Attendants Can Do Mid-Air
It’s Impressive What The Flight Attendants Can Do Mid-Air

Dina got the flight attendant, named Chris, so excited that he went ahead and made a veil for her and a bow-tie for her soon-to-be husband. The items were made from a few unused disposable garbage-bags, but it was all Chris could source, flying in a passenger jet at 30,000 feet above the earth. Chris even made a bouquet of coffee stirrers and sugar packets.

Seeing the props, Dina couldn’t refuse a wedding aboard a commercial jetliner as it cruised in the sky towards Seattle. So she woke up her beau, explained what was going on and got him onboard as well. Chris then informed the other passengers what was about to happen and why they were marrying a couple mid-air.

Another flight attendant, Joanne, happily acted as the flower girl, throwing napkins instead of flower petals, while Chris hummed the tune over the jet’s intercom. Joanne then pulled out the rings, which were plastic wings and the couple was wedded even before the flight reached Seattle.

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