Video Blogger Lindsay Campbell Arrested

Lindsay Campbell, the host of the Moblogic was arrested Wednesday at a New York protest against the three police officers who were acquitted in the Sean Bell trial.

For those not familiar with the case, three New York police officers in plain clothes shot an unarmed Sean Bell 50 times. Campbell’s crime on the day was to not move away from the legal protest.

The show covering the arrest can be watched in full above, and it’s recommended viewing. Campbell explores the role of journalism and asks whether the media should be on the sidelines or should actually stand up for what they believe in. She finishes by saying “I don’t want to be the greedy journalist, I want to be the one who adds my 2 cents.”

Campbell has just proved once again why she’s the smartest and perhaps most interesting in the new wave of video bloggers. It takes guts to put yourself in a situation where you get arrested, but most of all she’s proved why video blogging is a medium with a depth of thought that is quickly surpassing television. If there is an award for video blog episodes, I want to nominate Campbell for this.

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