What’s Cuter Than A Baby Goat In Pajamas? Two Baby Goats In Pajamas! [Video]

A baby goat in pajamas is probably the last thing you expect to see when cruising YouTube. But if you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face, look no further than the adorableness shared by the Sunflower Farm Creamery. The video called “Goat Babies In Pajamas!” is sure to lift your spirits. Uploaded on Monday, the baby goats have already garnered over one million views.

In the video, we first see a baby goat wearing dark purple pajamas covered in strawberries. Aww! The kid is soon joined by another baby goat; this little guy was wearing blue and white patterned pajamas. According to the information beneath the YouTube video, the two goats are named Winifred and Monty.

You may be surprised to learn that the hyperactive baby goats are only three weeks old! The cuties haven’t been around an entire month but are already strutting their stuff…in pajamas.

“Winifred and Monty who are 3 week old Nigerian Dwarf Goat siblings think it’s a great idea to stay inside the barn and play! The only thing cuter than goat kids is baby goats in pajamas!”

“Goats have zero interest in letting even one rain drop touch their heads, so these little ones enjoyed their time out, but decided to stay inside the barn!”

It’s true these kids were no fans of the cold and rainy weather. However, nothing can get between a baby goat and his playtime. Like human youngsters, these two were inspired to make up their own little games. All they needed was a soft pile of hay to jump up and down on. It’s also pretty obvious that the pajamas didn’t get in the way of play time, either.

It has been unseasonably cold and rainy for June; off the back of a harsh winter, some are left to wonder if the truly warm weather will ever arrive. Perhaps we should take inspiration from a baby goat or two: Don’t ponder the bad weather, just improvise and have fun!

These baby goats in pajamas aren’t the only animals to dazzle us with cuteness thanks to costumes. A few months ago, a dog named Munchkin was all the rage. The cute Shih Tzu was filmed walking on a treadmill while wearing a bear costume and the Internet fell in love. Apparently there’s something about already adorable animals playing dress up that makes grownups go bonkers.

A baby goat in pajamas enjoying a rainy day? Just another excuse to be overloaded by cuteness.

[Image Credit: Sunflower Farm Creamery]

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