Rihanna And LeBron James Dating? Rumors Swirl After Singer Flies To NBA Finals On LeBron’s Private Jet

Rumors that LeBron James and Rihanna may be secretly dating have been circulating this week after the singer flew out to watch game 1 of the NBA Finals on the Cleveland Cavaliers star’s private jet.

Rihanna was seen sitting courtside rooting for LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers, then later was calling for LeBron outside the lockeroom.

Rihanna was such a big cheerleader for LeBron in fact that the owner of the Golden State Warriors had to move to get away from her.

But Lacob was a good sport about it, and said he resisted the urge to rub it in later when the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors in overtime.

Though there was no suggestion that Rihanna and LeBron James are secretly dating, the singer’s appearance still sparked rumors that there could be something going on between the two.

Some outlets even reported that they are indeed an item, though no proof was offered.

The rumors that Rihanna and LeBron James are an item seem to be off as both seem quite content in their love life. The singer has been spotted with French soccer player Karim Benzema, signaling that she may be done with her fleeting romance with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and on to a new boyfriend.

A source told the Hollywood Gossip that Rihanna and Benzema were spotted together on a late-night group date.

“Rihanna and Karim were across from each other … There were about four people at the table and a few more in another table from the same party. They came separately and they were speaking French.”

LeBron James is taken as well. He has been with Savannah Brinson for more than 12 years, dating back to when they were students at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School in Akron, Ohio. The two got married in 2013 and last year welcomed their third child, a daughter named Zhuri.

The rumors don’t seem to pass the smell test, either. If LeBron James and Rihanna were going to risk their reputations with such an illicit affair, it’s unlikely they would do it so blatantly and in front of such a big audience.

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