Apple Decides Not To Unveil New Apple TV At WWDC

Apple will reportedly not show off its new TV service and updated Apple TV at this developers conference. According to the New York Times, Apple called off the unveiling due to the product not being ready to show to the public.

“The company planned as recently as mid-May to use the event to spotlight new Apple TV hardware, along with an improved remote control and a tool kit for developers to make apps for the entertainment device. But those plans were postponed partly because the product was not ready for prime time, according to two people briefed on the product.”

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the new Apple TV. It will reportedly have Siri integration, an App Store, and an improved remote. Apple is even going to let developers start making their own Apple TV apps.

Apple’s new TV service is said be competition for movie-streaming giant Netlfix. As Forbes reports, Apple had decided not to debut their new Apple TV because not enough networks had joined their TV service. Though the inability to make a sufficient number of content deals with networks postponed the Apple TV’s unveiling, it won’t be long until Apple has secured enough contracts.

One major aspect of the new TV service Apple is working on is local news. Apple wants to have local news readily available to users of its upcoming service.

Those that have waited so long to see an updated Apple TV will just have to keep on waiting. It’s not clear when the company will decide to show off the product, but this fall would be a fairly safe bet. Though Apple is known to follow a pretty predictable schedule, they could always surprise people and debut the Apple TV at any time.

This time at the WWDC, Apple is previewing the eagerly awaited iOS 9. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, iOS 9 is reportedly going to focus on optimizations instead of a host of new features. Alongside iOS 9, a new version of Apple’s Mac OS X is also expected to be previewed.

The expected theme of this year’s WWDC is unity. For some time now, Apple has been working to bring iOS and Mac OS X closer together using a set of features it calls continuity. Continuity allows for better communication between a user’s Mac and their iPhone or iPad. The company will almost certainly extend this trend this year. In fact, this will likely be the most polished version of continuity yet.

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