Steph Curry Owes His Court Leadership To An Unexpected Brooklyn Nets Hero

Steph Curry is set to dish out more punishment to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the remaining games of the Finals. He’s become the ultimate team leader, capping it off with a well-deserved MVP award. But who does Steph Curry owe this sudden transformation?

After Curry won the MVP award, he called out Nets point guard Jarret Jack as his biggest inspiration. Two seasons ago he and Curry played together on the Golden State Warriors under previous coach Mark Jackson. Curry used what he learned during that time to develop the leadership and court tenacity to bring him to the championship series today.

Jack previously responded when questioned about Steph Curry’s praise to the Brooklyn Game.

“You know, I always would just stay in his ear cause Steph is a quiet kid, not a boisterous kid by nature. But just telling him to understand that it’s paramount that your voice is heard. On a day by day basis, it needs to be necessary and people need to understand that your voice, not in an unbearable or annoying way, but you need to let them know what the tone and what the temperature is for Golden State basketball. Period, point blank, from start to finish. And it’s gonna start with you and it’s gonna end with you.”

But all that mentorship doesn’t mean competition ends now that he and Curry play on opposing teams. Steph has a battle on his hands when they face off on the court. Jack’s a smart college graduate. He returned to Georgia Tech last year to complete his degree in the midst of his NBA career, attending his ceremony right before he hopped on the court and helped his team get a win.

FOX Sports highlighted some possible reasons Steph points to this particular player as an inspiration.

“Jack is one of the most gregarious and genuine guys in the NBA. His rapport with just about everyone is overbearingly friendly. It shows on the court, too. Look at the players before Nets games, and you’ll almost always see Jack high-fiving and hugging somewhere between six and 15 opposing players as if they were all his best friends.”

Steph will return to the court on Sunday June 7 for Game 2 of the Finals. At only 27, Steph Curry is playing at his peak and has years ahead of him.

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