CharlieApp: The Tool That Will Help You Rock Your Next Job Interview

We all know the information collected from social media is useful for a variety of purposes. If you want to learn more about someone’s career, for instance, you can click on over to LinkedIn, while Facebook can teach you about the hobbies and interests someone has that might overlap with or inspire your own. But how do we actually harvest that information in one place? Meet the Charlie App.

The Charlie App is more than just interesting; it’s also quite useful for job seekers or just anyone who wants to get more information about someone they might be working or coming into contact with.

With your permission, the app’s website ( will access your social networks to help you learn more about your interviewer on both a personal and professional level. According to the website, if you give it access to your Facebook it will find information on your contact’s status updates, hobbies, and top moments.

That way, if they decide to tell the world they just got a job promotion, you can congratulate them or figure out how to get them talking about their new position. calls these little facts and figures “insights,” and you can of course get more of them by connecting more of your social media profiles. Add Twitter into the mix, and you will get “insights” about what the site believes your contacts’ hobbies and passions are, and generate some talking points.

This information has, in a sense, always been available on social media, but never has it been compiled in such a convenient way. If LinkedIn is essentially “Facebook for professionals,” then the Charlie App is like LinkedIn on steroids. Both LinkedIn and Facebook are ever-growing in popularity; even Barbie has her own LinkedIn page. The more people use these and similar services, the more the Charlie App will probably be able to compare and connect people in a way we haven’t anticipated before.

There could also be useful information on the Charlie App for advertisers as well. We all know the goal of most companies is to know you need or want a product before you yourself know you want it. To that end, companies who market to a very niche field (such as IT professionals) could use the Charlie App’s insights to keep track of who wants what and then tailor ads to a certain type of worker or industry.

So, what can the Charlie App do for you? It connects into your calendar (again, if given permission) and takes note of appointments or meetings you have scheduled. When you mention the name of a contact in your calendar, the site gets right on researching information about that person, and then sends you an e-mail with the info it found when it’s done. Pretty nifty, huh?

Though people could do the research themselves, there’s something to be said for letting programs like the Charlie App save them time and (possibly) doing the work more thoroughly than they have time or ability to. The basic version of the Charlie App is free to get started with, and sign-up is quick and easy; if you want to carry the app’s power with you, you can always download the new app for Apple devices.

The Charlie App’s usefulness doesn’t stop at just getting information on your contacts’ job skills, though. According to, the Charlie App also grabs a list of news articles relevant to whoever you’re meeting, so you can, for example, know if their company is about to invest in a new technology or just had to undergo layoffs. There are plenty of uses for the app if you’re creative enough to think of them, and at worse case scenario, it can just be a good reminder of where your schedule is taking you and when.

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