Tim Gunn Slams Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book: ‘Banish This’

When Tim Gunn was asked to discuss Kim Kardashian’s new selfie book in a recent interview, he apparently did not hold anything back.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the 61-year-old fashion consultant made it clear that he strongly disliked the book Selfish as soon as it was held up for the camera.

Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn reacts to Kim Kardashian’s selfie book, ‘Selfish’

Gunn stated that it was only because of his respect for the interviewer, staff writer Travis Cronin, that he was willing to sit there with the book and talk about it at all.

The Project Runway mentor even shared a little advice about what young people should do with Kim Kardashian’s published collection of her own selfies.

“Can I just say something? To all the young people out there in particular: Banish this. Banish this. Find an antidote to it. This is disgusting and vile. What if this is the only thing that survives in the time capsule?”

Tim Gunn did not stop there. While flipping through the 448-page coffee table book, Tim read specific excerpts and provided his own commentary for them.

“‘I took a selfie at a red light while driving. I think that’s illegal now.’ Well, she’s illegal.”

Tim also focused on a selfie that Kim Kardashian apparently took for her husband Kanye West when she was wearing a fur coat. Her intent was to see if he liked it. According to the book, he did but that did not stop Tim Gunn from expressing his honest feelings about it.

“I feel my IQ is plummeting.”

Travis provided Tim Gunn with a warning disclaimer before he started reviewing the more risqué section of the book, but Tim continued to flip through the pages anyway. His response to the pictures started out calm and collected — admitting his admiration for women with curves. However, that reaction changed as he continued to flip through Kim Kardashian’s more revealing photos.

“I have nothing against shapely women. I love them. When it comes, though, to…Oh Jesus God Almighty!… Look at this….Now that’s not her hand… This is way too much information.”

Tim Gunn has spent decades of his professional career as a fashion consultant, mentor, guru, and television personality. Project Runway fans and critics know that Tim has never strayed away from speaking his mind — especially when something clearly does not look right to him.

In the battle between “Hot or Not,” Tim Gunn apparently believes that Kim Kardashian’s book of selfies falls under the “Not” category.

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