Roloff Divorce: ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars Formally Move Ahead On Split

The marriage is over for Amy and Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World as the Roloffs are divorcing. The couple separated a little over a year ago and now reports indicate that they have formally filed for divorce. Though the family will be back with a few more episodes of the show this summer on TLC, at least to celebrate Zach’s wedding this summer, Matt and Amy will not be doing it as a married couple any longer.

People shares the news of the Roloff divorce. Matt and Amy have released a statement together confirming that after 27 years of marriage, they have decided to file for divorce. They indicate that they will continue to work alongside one another in their multiple ventures just as they always have. However, it will no longer be as husband and wife.

Little People, Big World viewers watched during the last couple of seasons as Matt and Amy struggled to get along and ended up deciding to separate. The split came in March 2014, though Matt moved only as far away as the family farm guest house. Viewers watched as the tensions continued, though until now neither Amy nor Matt moved ahead on making the split any more formal.

Fans watched as Jeremy Roloff married Audrey Botti last September, and Zach Roloff’s wedding to Tori Patton is slated to take place on July 25 this summer. Viewers had been hoping that Little People, Big World would return with new episodes at least long enough to cover Zach and Tori’s wedding and luckily that will be the case.

Not long ago, Matt confirmed that the family had been filming new footage for another set of episodes. Just as was the case last season, fans can surely expect that the new episodes will focus on the wedding planning for Zach and Tori, though Jeremy has said that he and Audrey have been doing a lot of filming for the new episodes as well. How much regarding Matt and Amy’s divorce will be incorporated? That much isn’t known quite yet.

Despite the decision to divorce, the family has been spending a lot of time together. Most of the Roloff clan was at the block party held recently in Philadelphia, as Matt shared some pictures on his Facebook page. Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, Tori, and even Molly were there and seemingly having a blast. It seems that Jacob may have decided not to join the family at the party, and fans know that he’s been pulling back from being on the show a bit.

While fans are disappointed to hear that Amy and Matt Roloff are divorcing, everybody stands behind them and supports their decision. Despite the couple’s divorce, viewers are anxious to see Zach and Tori’s wedding and catch up with Jeremy, Audrey, and the rest of the family this summer when Little People, Big World returns with new episodes.

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