‘iZombie’ Season Finale Spoilers: Will Major Survive As Blaine Demands His Brains Back?

Could discovering the truth about zombies lead to Major’s death in the iZombie season finale? Well, he’s not in the best position going into “Blaine’s World” considering he’s in Blaine’s clutches – and Blaine wants his brains back immediately.

In the last episode of iZombie this season, Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) visit Vaughn Du Clark (guest star Steven Weber) at Max Rager HQ after finding new evidence in the case. Meanwhile, Ravi (Rahul Kohli) keeps trying to find a cure, Blaine (David Anders) makes Liv an offer she can’t refuse, and Major (Robert Buckley) ends up in an unbelievable situation.

“The man that I wanted to marry has vowed to kill every last zombie,” Liv tells Ravi in the iZombie trailer below. “I want my life back.”

Also in the promo, you can see that Blaine is keeping Major in a freezer (and it looks like he’s having a bit of fun with that, joining him in a parka and holding what is likely a cup of something hot), but that doesn’t mean that Major is going to tell him where he stashed his brains.

The CW has also released an inside video with executive producers Rob Thomas (who wrote the episode) and Diane Ruggiero-Wright offering a preview of the finale. Despite thinking the case was solved, people are going to continue to go missing,

After the last episode ended with Teresa being attacked, she ends up in the morgue and when Liv says she was “a snarky little bitch,” Ravi comments, “I doubt I’ll even notice a difference.”

Liv finds out that Blaine has Major when the other zombie answers her ex’s phone, and he explains that he’s just trying to get back what was taken from him.

“Major has gotten himself in very hot water,” Thomas teases. “The bodies stack up in episode 113. We believe in payoffs, and there are lots of payoffs in this one.”

So what does this mean for Major’s future? The first season of iZombie can’t end with Liv’s boyfriend, Lowell, dead and then her ex killed a few episodes later, right?

Entertainment Weekly couldn’t reveal Major’s fate but did say “Major will make a bid for freedom in a sequence that turns very bloody” and that “backs Liv into making a decision she may soon regret.”

Could that have to do with the syringe Liv is holding in the promo?

TVLine has offered a further tease about what’s to come regarding Major, writing, “there’s an epic sequence in the season-ender that…will make you a Major believer.”

Are both those teases about the same sequence? It seems more likely than not that they are.

The iZombie season 1 finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the CW. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the CW series will be back for a second season.

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