Adorable Overload: Stampede Of Baby Goats May Be The Cutest Thing You See All Day [Video]

As if baby goats weren’t cute enough on their own, Sunflower Farm posted a video from the annual “Running of the Goats,” and it is quite possibly the cutest thing you will see today. The goats bolt from the barn with their human friends and can be heard bleating as they romp alongside their caretakers.

The Sunflower Farm posted the adorable video to their YouTube channel and noted that the little “goat babies” were taking a run while their mamas got some much needed time alone to eat.

“After a day of grazing with the herd, our Goat Babies go for a little adventure while their maaaaaas take a break and enjoy some grain in the barn. They love to run back and forth following their human friends! They often beat us on the way back! There is not much cuter than the pitter pat of all those feet.”

The farm says that they wanted to get a video of all of the baby goats together for their run before they made their way off to new homes. The farm handlers say that families will be picking up the oldest goat babies soon. However, goat-lovers need not worry — the farm says that all of the goats go to loving homes in pairs so that they are not alone. They also note that the goats are sold for use as family pets or milking goats, not for food.

“Rest assured… Our goat kids are sold to great families in pairs as pets or future milking goats.”

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What do you think of the tiny goat stampede?

[Image Credit: YouTube]

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