Baby Goats In Pajamas Are The Most Adorable Thing On The Internet

Baby goats in pajamas are the new darlings of the internet.

A video uploaded this week by the Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine, shows two adorable baby goats clad in pajamas and frolicking inside a barn. The pair take turns jumping onto a pile of hay and taking leaps from a box before racing back and forth through the barn’s hallway.

The adorable video captured the attention of several media outlets and quickly went viral, approaching one million views in just three days since being posted.

While it may be cute to see baby goats clad in pajamas, the farm explained that there is a good reason for the attire.

“So maybe we spoil our goat kids a little in the 8 weeks before they go to their new homes as pets and future milking goats. But, who doesn’t want to spend a cold rainy day inside in Pajamas? Winifred and Monty who are 3 week old Nigerian Dwarf Goat siblings think it’s a great idea to stay inside the barn and play! The only thing cuter than goat kids is baby goats in pajamas! Goats have zero interest in letting even one rain drop touch their heads, so these little ones enjoyed their time out, but decided to stay inside the barn! I’m pretty sure they both actually shook their head, NO! when they looked outside at the rain! Stay warm everyone! Summer is coming!”

If anyone is wondering why the goats may look familiar, it’s because their breed just made a national debut earlier this year. This year’s Puppy Bowl — Animal Planet’s increasingly popular alternative for animal lovers on Super Bowl Sunday — featured a group of Nigerian Dwarf Goats as cheerleaders.

The Puppy Bowl’s goats were raised on a New Jersey farm that Animal Planet executives happened to find through some internet research. Owner Ron Magazzu said taping was quite an ordeal, noted.

“Magazzu described the filming process as ‘long’ because they were scheduled to film their part at 4:30 p.m., but because the puppies’ went over-schedule they didn’t get filmed until almost 8 p.m. that night. His wife Marsha was interviewed for the program.

“To keep the goats awake, he said they were walked outside, where they received a lot of attention, including posing for a few selfies. He describes the goats as being akin to dogs in terms of attachment and lovability. They have a lifespan of between 13 to 17 years.”

For the baby goats in pajamas, life seems quite a bit less hectic.

[Image via YouTube screenshot]

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