LaGuardia Airport Delay Leads To Broadway Sing-Off [Video]

Flight delays at LaGuardia Airport have led to a Broadway sing-off between two production casts. The casts of The Lion King and Aladdin, both musicals, entertained other passengers while keeping themselves occupied.

It all started when the flight from LaGuardia Airport to Orlando, Florida was delayed by six hours. For most passengers, it means sitting around in waiting areas, complaining and looking for reasonably priced coffee. The Broadway stars decided to use the time to keep their vocals in tune and prove that they were the better musical. They both sang a number of different songs from their respective musicals.

The Lion King kicked off with sing-off with Circle of Life, quickly gathering a crowd around them at the airport. The cast gathered in a circle, working together to make sure all the vocals could be heard. The cast of Aladdin answered with some improvisation, with the lead rapper introducing himself as the genie, and explaining why they were performing. Entertainment Weekly reports that it was James Monroe, a Tony award winner, doing the freestyling.

That was quickly followed by another performance from the musical The Lion King, but Aladdin was not letting them get away that easily. The genie performer pointed out that while the animal musical cast performed their own songs at LaGuardia, his cast opted to entertain with improvisation, which is arguably harder. However, they soon went into a rendition of Arabian Nights to prove that they could sing their own songs.

This is not the first time passengers on public transport have been entertained by Broadway musical stars. In fact, the cast of The Lion King regularly entertain their fans while they are waiting. Mashable reminded everyone that last year the cast onboard a flight to Australia entertained flight passengers with Circle of Life. The people onboard applauded them at the end, and can be seen on the video trying to see to the front to see who was singing.

It seems that Circle of Life is the casts’ go to song when it comes to impromptu performances, probably because it is so well-known. In June last year, the cast performed on the New York subway, surprising many everyday travellers. The cast joined the subway as all other travellers, pretending to listen to music and read their books before breaking into song.

At least the passengers who had to wait at LaGuardia Airport had something to keep them entertained this time, thanks to the cast of both The Lion King and Aladdin.

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