KBS Are Big Bang Haters, Bans K-Pop’s Music Video ‘We Like 2 Party’ For Brand Name References

Right now, K-pop/hip hop group Big Bang is sitting on top of the world. Their latest songs off their anticipated album Made are respectively number one and number two on the Top 100 Korean charts. Yet, Big Bang’s biggest accomplishment is making it on iTunes Top 100 and iTunes Hip Hop Top 10. That means Big Bang is so good they were able to compete and be placed along huge musical artists from the United States such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

However, not everyone is on board with Big Bang. Given the fact there are over seven billion people in the world, it is expected that not everyone will be a fan of the K-pop group’s mixture of Korean pop, rap, trap, and hip hop music. But one party is totally a surprise because Big Bang would probably give them a higher international viewership. The party in question is the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

According to Koreaboo, Big Bang’s second hit “We Like 2 Party” was deemed unfit for broadcast on KBS. It was officially released on June 2, 2015, and KBS claims that “We Like 2 Party” fails to meet criteria due to the use of profanity and the mentioning of brand names. The results were released following an evaluation of Big Bang’s latest album Made and their other track “Bang Bang Bang” (which passed evaluation).

Since most readers cannot speak or understand Korean, the parts of “We Like 2 Party” that caused it to fail evaluation include the mentioning of “fearless hotties getting drunk” as well as United States wine brand Opus One.

KPopStarz followed up on Big Bang’s “We Like 2 Party” being banned, reporting that it may hurt the ranking of the song because television airings contribute a lot to which songs will be featured in the charts and weekly rewards. This is surely a concern for Big Bang given the fact they face tough competition from EXO’s “Love Me Right.”

Right now, “We Love 2 Party” is the number two song on the Korean Top 100 chart. The music video of the Big Bang song has been attached below for viewing.

[Image via Big Bang Promotions]

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