George And Amal Clooney Find Bliss In George’s Hometown Bluegrass State: Beer, Basketball, No Babies [Photos]

George and Amal Clooney headed to the actor’s hometown of Kentucky and proved that you can go home again. The uber-famous Clooneys found bliss in the Bluegrass State as George showed Amal all around Augusta, reported MSN.

And local residents were thrilled as the actor and attorney agreed to requests for selfies while taking time to see the sights. Many of them posted photos.

Famed for his love of athletics, George indulged his passion by playing basketball at Augusta High School. And he impressed a student who got to hoop it up while Amal acted as an informal cheerleader.

“It was fun, he’s still got it,” revealed the local. “It looked like [Amal] knew the game too.”

Some wrote about the unexpected Clooney sighting.

“George Clooney was in his (& my parents’) hometown today 😍😍 I run down this street every time I visit my grandpa!” posted Susan W ?(@whatupitsusan).

As to their motivation for heading to Kentucky, the Clooneys made time to particulate in a private family reunion, reported People.

But Clooney also took time to give one person the best birthday ever with an information rendition of the Happy Birthday song, as shown below.

“I had the BEST birthday! I spent my day with my wonderful family and wonderful boyfriend. And GEORGE CLOONEY sat at the table next to me at dinner. Not only that, but he and his family sang Happy Birthday to me after I ate! So blessed! Happy 25th! #birthday #happybirthday #me #boyfriend #love #blessed #25 #old #picstitch #famous #georgeclooney #singing #family #picstitch #pretty”

In addition to playing basketball, George and Amal attended an Augusta Pub party, where they graciously gave autographs. They also enjoyed a sweet treat at Magee’s Bakery, where George couldn’t resist 12 tasty tarts.

“All the good things in life – eggs, butter, sugar, milk,” said a staff person of the ingredients.

To wash down those transparent tarts, George headed to Urban Artifact Brewing in Cincinnati to learn about special beers. In addition, Clooney got in the music groove at a performance of the Blue Wisp Big Band.

While George and Amal had a blast in the Bluegrass State, the 54-year-old actor has made it clear that he’s not going to answer the persistent questions about whether his 37-year-old wife will have a baby, as the Inquisitr reported.

Instead, he’d rather focus on discussing his dreams of travel, which go beyond Kentucky.

“Ah, I have actually no idea about that,” claims Clooney about the possibility of a pregnancy.

What he does have ideas about are trips for the two that don’t involve her appearances in court as a lawyer or his work on movie sets.

“If I could be anywhere now, it would be she and I on a motorcycle in the middle of the French Alps near a town called Barcellonette, which is a Mexican village and it’s unbelievable,” he declared.

[Image Via Susan W./Twitter]

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