WWE News: WWE Interested In Top TNA Wrestling Stars, Checking Into When Their Contracts Expire

WWE has always tried to separate themselves from other pro-wrestling companies in the past. They feel that they are the ultimate when it comes to promotion. In some aspects, this is true. They are number one and the most well-known company. When an average person thinks about wrestling, they think about WWE or WWF — depending on who you talk with. However, there are several companies out there. All of them are relatively good with at least a few people who are worth watching.

WWE has started to realize this, which is why WWE executive Triple H has decided to hire a lot of talent from these places. One place that WWE tries to not refer to is TNA, and when asked, they have said that they have not been interested in anyone from there. However, we all know this is idiotic and untrue. Now we have some confirmation on that. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE has a big interest in many top TNA stars and are actively trying to find out when their contracts expire.

Due to TNA potentially going downhill by this fall, if they aren’t starting to already, many from TNA have reached out to other companies including WWE about coming in. WWE is only interested in some of the younger, top guys. Some like Austin Aries may not be young, but he is a big star for them. Also, his contract comes up very soon with them, and he is not planning on re-signing.


There are others like Magnus that WWE most likely has an extreme interest in. Not only is he getting more and more popular, but he is only 28. He fits everything WWE wants in a WWE Superstar, so do not be surprised if he is on the top of their list. It is also rumored that Bobby Roode and now EC3 are on their list, which makes sense. Carter was someone WWE didn’t have a chance to use correctly beforehand, mainly because they didn’t have an outlet like NXT for him to shine. Now that he has figured out what he needs to be, WWE easily can market the type of character he is now.

Meanwhile, Bobby Roode is someone WWE has attempted to grab before, but TNA kept signing him to new deals preventing things. The thing that works against Roode is his age — he’s 38-years-old. Aries has the same issue as well — he’s 37. Others like The American Wolves are also some that might be present in WWE. The company wanted them beforehand and even brought them in for tryouts at NXT a while back.

The issue at the time was that WWE had too many guys at their size. So Triple H thought it would be bad to have an entire roster of the same types of guys. It turns out, fans love seeing people like The Wolves, so WWE has seemingly forgotten the idea of size mattering. So Triple H most likely would end up signing them this time around. It helps that both are 31 and 32, respectively.

Dirty Heels

While WWE does want many top TNA stars, the plan is to have most of them stay down in WWE NXT for a while — at least for the time being. However, if the success of Samoa Joe says anything, WWE will end up signing many of these people to long-term deals and find ways to incorporate them on the main roster one day.

While TNA may not be as big as WWE, many people are fans of certain wrestlers and want them to be successful. It is the TNA product that many have an issue with. This is why Samoa Joe has been a huge success. Fans love Joe, but TNA was just not the place he needed to be to show how good he is. WWE might be the place for that.

WWE also still wants to bring in former TNA Wrestler AJ Styles. The issue is that he is currently under contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. AJ recently turned down what was said to have been a big money deal to work with TNA again for a match or two as well as TNA Hall of Fame induction. No one is blaming him for that, but it does show that AJ is not interested in the money side of it all as NJPW compensates him well.

That means WWE will have to pull more out than the money card if they want to bring AJ in. With some TNA stars, the money will be good to have present as most were paid a fraction of their worth. Do not be surprised if TNA loses a lot of people to WWE by 2016. Also, expect a lot of Indy stars to be signed with WWE before the year is up as well. Currently, WWE is trying a ton of Indy stars out at the WWE Performance Center and it is planned for them to sign most of them. So NXT might be the place to be for Indy talent we all know and love by 2016.

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