‘Degrassi’ Cancelled, But Producers Promise More For Franchise

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Degrassi: The Next Generation is ending its run on TeenNick after 14 seasons. The decision was made by MTV Canada, which officially owns the rights to the long-running series, but the company did not explain the reasoning behind why the show would no longer continue after this year.

While Degrassi: The Next Generation may be getting cancelled, those who work on the show are promising that there will be more to come in the Degrassi franchise. On his official Twitter page, producer Stephen Stohn told his followers that there are plans to tell more in the Degrassi world.

Talking to Variety, Stohn praised the partnership he and the rest of the Degrassi crew had with TeenNick.

“Few producers are as blessed as we have been, working with so many talented and creative individuals at TeenNick for 14 seasons of Degrassi.”

Stohn is not the only person saying the franchise will continue. Iain Christiansen, who’s worked as a publicist for many of the Degrassi TV movies and currently works on The Next Generation, said in a statement, via the Toronto Star, that fans should “stay tuned” for more news regarding the Degrassi franchise.

“The Degrassi fan base runs deep worldwide and the longevity of the series speaks for itself… We expect to be able to provide an update in the days ahead for fans.”

Of course, there are many Degrassi fans who are upset that the series has been cancelled.

Degrassi has been a staple in Canadian pop culture since the late 1970s. According to E! Online, the franchise began with The Kids of Degrassi Street, which ran from 1979-1986. It was then followed by Degrassi Junior High (1987-1989) and Degrassi High (1989-1991). 2001 saw the start of The Next Generation, and the series made its way to America via The N in 2002, before moving over to TeenNick in 2009.

The final episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation will begin airing on TeenNick July 20. According to Variety, the final season will begin with an hour-long special, and new episodes will air each following day until the finale on July 31. A special, It Goes There: Degrassi’s Most Talked About Moments, will air before the final episode on that day.

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