Drake Bell Apologizes To Caitlyn Jenner For Transphobic Tweet

Drake Bell has decided to apologize to Caitlyn Jenner after making a transphobic tweet. As the the Inquisitr reported, Drake tweeted the now deleted message, “Sorry… still calling you Bruce.” This tweet came right after Caitlyn revealed her true identity on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Following the deleted tweet Drake wrote, “That’s bravery.”

That said, people weren’t taking his deleted tweet seriously and were still mad that the child star would take this opportunity to make such a strange statement, especially in light of celebrities coming out to support Caitlyn for her own bravery.

Here are just a few responses Drake Bell received.

Now that he’s experienced major backlash for his comments about Caitlyn Jenner, Drake Bell has decided to apologize in a heartfelt tweet.

A fan pointed out Drake’s “innocence” typo and Bell quickly fixed it in response.

Fans were still not pleased with his apology.

In case there’s any confusion on what pronoun to use in reference to Caitlyn since she introduced herself to the world, GLAAD issued a statement for those that are unsure.

“Do use female pronouns (she, her, hers) when referring to Caitlyn. the Do avoid male pronouns and Caitlyn’s prior name, even when referring to events in her past. For example, ‘Prior to her transition, Caitlyn Caitlyn won the gold medal in the men’s decathlon at the Summer Olympics held in Montreal in 1976.'”

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