Dierks Bentley Named ‘People’ Country’s Hottest Guy, Admits To Sleeping In The Buff

Dierks Bentley was named Country’s Hottest Guy by People magazine. His cover photo and interview show exactly why. The sexy 39-year-old crooner’s love for his family shines through as he gives a small glimpse into his private life.

When asked what his idea of a perfect date is, he shares simply some quiet time to chat the morning away would be ideal.

“A Sunday morning spent reading the paper together, maybe drinking some mimosas, alone and talking until noon. That would be pretty amazing. Married couples with kids will understand.”

Dierks goes on to say that if he could have any super power he wanted, it would be the ability to clone himself and his wife, Cassidy, so they could spend time with their kids — Evie, 6, Jordan, 4, and Knox, 19-months — while still having more alone time.


Bentley shares a little intimate secret that seals the Country’s Hottest Guy deal. It turns out the father of three sleeps in the buff. He explains he’s had to adapt a little since having kids by keeping his undies wrapped around one foot, or at least very close by, just in case. However, Cassidy better enjoy it while she can because “an old-school grandpa gown” may replace his birthday suit sometime down the road.

“Honestly, I sleep best wearing nothing. But with kids, I’ve learned to sleep with underwear very close by, if not wrapped around one of my feet, so I’m ready to go if something happens. I remember somewhere in his 70s, my dad started wearing a nightgown – like an old-school grandpa gown! I can see how that might be somewhere in my future.”

Dierks Bentley kicks off his Sounds of Summer tour today in Raleigh, North Carolina. According to Taste of Country, this will be his biggest production yet, with lots of pyrotechnics and a “new challenge of the possibility of getting hurt. More so than usual.” Maddie & Tae, Canaan Smith, and Kip Moore will open the show. All three acts will join Bentley on stage for at least one song.

Kip Moore better sleep with one eye open because Dierks Bentley cautions he plans revenge for a prank Moore pulled this past winter. In celebration of the tour, Bentley forced Kip and his fellow openers to jump into an ice cold lake. In retaliation, Moore sneaked a goat into Bentley’s truck.

“Oh, we got lots of things planned for Kip, for sure,” the headliner warns.

[Images by Cooper Neill/Getty and People]

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