Maroon 5’s Adam Levine ‘Hesitant’ To Show His Butt On Camera – Then Got Over Himself And Did It Anyway

Adam Levine shy? The Maroon 5 front man is certainly described that way by the co-director of the band’s latest smash hit video “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Travis Schneider, who co-directed the clip with Levine explained that at first, Adam was “hesitant” to bare all.

“I think he was hesitant to include it within the video,” Schneider admits. “He was going back and forth with it on the day before and day of, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t a big deal.”

Schneider continued, revealing the thought process behind including something that in both his, and the Maroon 5 front man’s mind, shouldn’t be so controversial.

“It’s real. Before a show, he gets out of the shower, puts on a towel and takes it off to get dressed. It’s just how it is and believe it or not most people do have big butts. It’s absurd how much violence and drug use can be shown on TV, Twitter, Instagram etc. But a human ass is unacceptable. I think we both agree that standard has to change.”

Maybe Levine’s early reluctance to bear his butt on camera stemmed from the early days, back when Maroon 5 were a laughable high school rock band. As reported by Inquistr, before they made it big as the Maroon 5 we all know and love, Adam and company started out under the moniker Kara’s Flowers with a completely different sound than what fans recognize today.

And lucky for Maroon 5 fans everywhere, the group has since evolved. Their latest album V is a smash success and the supporting tour is where the footage for “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is derived from. The black-and-white homage to everything from Goodfellas to Alfred Hitchcock, according to Schneider, follows Adam as he gets prepped for an oncoming gig, roaming the hallways backstage before huddles up with his fellow band members. Finally, Levine makes his way on stage to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans.

The irony in the footage being shot during their recent Wembley Arena show is that it proved to be so powerful, it knocked Adam Levine out of commission for their next gig which was suppossed to take place in Liverpool, England.

According to E! Online, Adam released a statement announcing the show’s cancellation. However, days later, the Maroon 5 front man took to Twitter to rejoice in his glorious return.

A day later, Adam Levine bared his butt and every Maroon 5 fan across the internet lit up.

[Adam Levine photo credit by Andrew Burton / Getty Images]

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