WWE Rumors: Hints Keep Being Dropped At A Wyatt Family Reunion — Who Would Be In It?

The Wyatt Family officially split up back in October of last year, and all three members went their separate ways. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper stayed heels while Erick Rowan tried to be a babyface for a while. It seems WWE has already changed their minds as rumors continue to fly about a Wyatt Family reunion and a new possible member joining.

On Thursday night, a recently reunited Luke Harper and Erick Rowan had a backstage promo together. In that short promo, they had plenty to say as they talked about “being family” and how they stick together.

Everyone knows that the Wyatt Family has more than just two members, and the third is the biggest of them all — Bray Wyatt.

It was in April that rumors originally began to swirl that Bray Wyatt would start a brand new Wyatt Family and bring in all new members. One of the possibilities was Bo Dallas, and he is still an option.

Dallas has really been playing the role of the strong heel ever since he returned to WWE television. Yes, he’s come up on the short end of his feud with Neville, but he’s still showing vicious signs that are very Wyatt-like.

This would make for a great pairing considering Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt are real-life brothers anyway.

In early May, there were a few more hints thrown the way of the fans signaling a reunion for the Wyatt Family.

This was when Bo Dallas had been beaten down by Ryback, and it led to Bray Wyatt coming to his rescue. That began the feud between Wyatt and Ryback for a couple of weeks, but it was really interesting that it was Dallas he ended up saving.

Shortly after that, Luke Harper had a match with Fandango and easily defeated him. After the match was over, Erick Rowan ran down, attacked Fandango, and left as Harper just looked on with a small smile on his face.

Since then, the two “brothers” have reunited, and Bray Wyatt has been noticeably absent from WWE TV. Could he be planning something big? It appears as if something is indeed coming as Rowan and Harper spoke of family tonight.

Who would be brought in as a new Wyatt Family member though? Some rumors are circulating on social media, and they include the following possibilities.

Something is brewing with the Wyatt Family, and it appears to be much more than the normal WWE rumors. Bray Wyatt is behind the scenes setting something up and new members will join, but now it’s just a matter of when this will actually happen.

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