Diplo Calls Out Selena Gomez And Zedd’s ‘Fake Relationship,’ Dismisses Katy Perry Comparison

Diplo calls a spade a spade. That can sometimes be a godsend in these PR-centric times, especially for those interested in what’s behind celebrity curtains.

In his latest interview — otherwise known as “Sorry, what?!” — the Major Lazer leader and half of EDM super-group Jack Ü with Skrillex, explains his recent, uncompromising verdict on the producer-DJ Zedd’s new True Colors album. He also calls out what he described as Zedd’s “fake relationship with Selena Gomez,” talks Jack Ü’s continuing collaboration with Justin Bieber amid the success of the trio’s chart slayer “Where Are Ü Now,” and more.

Speaking to Radio.com to promote Major Lazer’s new album Peace Is The Mission, Diplo first offered his reasons for tweeting [and later deleting] “True colors is such a pile of [poop emoji]” last month.

To hear Diplo tell it, his rough review of Zedd’s new album is down to his disappointment in True Colors as a body of work, and how Zedd and his record company are marketing it.

“I’m actually not enemies with Zedd by any means,” Diplo insisted to Radio.”I just think that he came from such a cool place and now he’s been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn’t even a genre.”

Elaborating, Diplo went on to say, “But they’ve pegged him for that, they’ve marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music. He’s an amazing producer and good songwriter. I just feel like… I was hoping he’d come out of the scene and do something.”

(Photo: Selena Gomez originally captioned this music promotional photo, writing, “Harry to my Sally” [sic] before deleting that part of the note)
Selena Gomez & Zedd
(Photo: Zedd and Selena holding hands as they attended Golden Globes after-parties in Los Angeles on January 11)
Zedd and Selena housewarming 2
(Photo: Selena and Zedd at a friend’s house-warming bash earlier this year)

Not done exploding the minds of the many teen girls who seem to have believed Zeddlena was an authentic romance, Diplo continued, “He [Zedd] had some pop records and I think he was learning how to make great songs through that. So to just kind of like not care and make an album that’s just stereotype… there’s nothing really there for anybody.”

“He’s got a really loud space right now in this culture, there are a lot of people paying attention to him, he can do this awesome music, and to just come out with something so flat and expected and easy for people…

When Skrillex and I came out with the Jack Ü album, we came out with the weirdest s–t we could think of. We’re not about to put out the same songs we did over and over again. You only live once, you know what I’m saying?” Diplo finished.

It’s probably safe to assume Zedd and Diplo will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year. To think, the pair were all smiles in this friendly snap in February which Diplo tagged to Gomez. She replied with emojis.

While Zedd and Gomez have never confirmed whether or not they were/are romantically involved, it is certainly true that actress-singer and German producer-DJ posted a flood of social media photos and videos of themselves together (or tagging each other) leading up to and during the promotion of Zedd’s single “I Want You To Know.” Gomez provided the vocals on the track. Notably, the single’s cover art emphasized a connection between the two with a graphic.

Following Gomez’s dramatic performance of the Justin Bieber-inspired anthem “The Heart Wants What It Wants” at the 2014 American Music Awards last November, the 22-year-old starlet posted an Instagram snap of herself with Zedd a month later.

The pic showed the pair seemingly love struck by each other when they reportedly met for the first time at a recording studio to work on Gomez’s album.

Shortly after, Gomez and Zedd were photographed holding hands at Golden Globes after-parties. In one picture caption, Selena referred to the producer as the “Harry to my Sally” (she later deleted that note). For months, both Gomez and Zedd gave the impression that they were a couple while generating numerous paparazzi-captured moments which fueled media reports.

“I Want You To Know” went on to peak at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 after its release in February 2015. It was a previous No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs chart and performed well on iTunes charts around the world. Then, out of the blue, came reports in April claiming Zedd and Gomez had split up. At the time, MTV and a slew of media outlets asked the question, “Were they even dating?”

(Photo: Diplo and Zedd in friendlier times)

Diplo’s comments come after Zedd told Billboard in May that he viewed tabloid rumors and questions about his relationship with Gomez as a “distraction.” He also stated “I don’t think I’ve ever been in the press in my life for anything but my music and I’ve appreciated that a lot. And I’ve never had any scandals and I’ve never done anything bad, and everyone only talked about my music. I liked that — that’s how I want it to be.”

Zedd added, “And then, out of nowhere, suddenly people started talking about things that had nothing to do with my music. I was like, ‘Wait, we’ve got a song. Why don’t you talk about that song?’ It took me a really long time to do this.”

Inevitably, there was a less-than-happy online reaction to Diplo’s new interview from Zedd and Gomez fans on Thursday. In one Twitter exchange, one Gomez fan accused Diplo of having a “fake relationship” with Katy Perry. Diplo and the Prism songstress were spotted on dates in April.

The “Lean On” producer’s clap back reminded that fan that he and Perry did not release a single together.

Diplo went on to — jokingly? — mention a future bowling outing with Gomez.

As yet, there has been no obvious, public online response from either Zedd or Gomez to Diplo’s comments, but few would deny he raises valid questions and points of discussion. To read the full interview at radio.com, click the link.

Update: Diplo posted the tweet below on Friday, telling others to check out Zedd’s album for themselves. Perhaps Skrillex someone had a quiet word in his ear for the sake of EDM universe harmony?

Selena Gomez
(Photo: Selena Gomez and Zedd’s cover Art for their single “I Want You To Know”)

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