Amanda Bynes Reappears After Months Out Of The Public Eye And She’s ‘Doing Great!’

Amanda Bynes was photographed out and about Wednesday evening looking fit and healthy. Bynes had been out of the public eye since March, following a series of very public mental health breakdowns.

What did Bynes do for her big reappearance? Photographers caught Amanda having dinner at Craig’s with her life coach in West Hollywood. In February, a family friend told People Magazine that Amanda was living on her own and “she and her parents are getting along and Amanda is clear-headed, more focused, and has more independence.” Amanda’s parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, have had conservatorship over Amanda’s estate off and on for more than a year as Amanda continued to seek treatment for her bi-polar disorder.

Amanda Bynes started her child acting career on Nickelodeon’s All That before getting her own television show, The Amanda Show at the age of 13. Known for her impeccable comedic timing, Bynes seemed to avoid the problems most child stars face while transitioning from child actor to adult actor. Bynes enjoyed a successful run with her TV series What I Like About You and a moderately successful film career with movies including She’s the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A.

It wasn’t until the spring of 2012 that Amanda began facing legal issues for a DUI and her mental health began to publicly deteriorate. Bynes’ other past legal issues include shoplifting, scratching a woman in a bar, and setting a small fire in a driveway.

Over the years, Amanda Bynes has posted multiple Twitter rants about fellow celebrities and her parents, including one post in 2014 in which she accused her father of sexual abuse. Those rants garnered Bynes more than three million Twitter followers. Amanda’s last appearance on social media was in March via that account.

In light of Amanda’s appearance Wednesday, her attorney says Bynes is “doing great” and the attorney for Amanda’s parents, whom still have conservatorship, states that Amanda is “staying focused and living a balanced healthy life.”

With a renewed interest in fashion design and a focus on healing, it is doubtful that Amanda Bynes will be returning to the silver screen any time soon. That being said, her fans are undoubtedly relieved to see that perhaps this time around the treatment for Amanda’s bi-polar disorder is helping the former actress not only get healthy, but stay healthy.

[Image courtesy of Daily Mail.]

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