Jason Derulo Has A ‘New Joy’ Living The Single Life

It’s been a while since Jason Derulo broke up with Jordin Sparks, but it’s still a topic of conversation while he’s promoting his new album. Not hiding his relationship status, the singer told Entertainment Tonight that the trials and tribulations he’s gone through are all on the new album.

Sitting down to speak with Entertainment Tonight, the “Want to Want Me” singer said, “I have always written songs about things that I go through, and I feel like with time and with age I am able to explain things clearly and really paint a picture. So I think on this album you will get a sense of who I am and where I am in my life at this point.”

Currently there’s rumors that Jordin Sparks has moved on from her relationship with Jason with rapper Sage the Gemini. According to HollywoodLife, Jordin and Sage The Gemini have been spreading their love all over Instagram.

Derulo didn’t have anything to say about Jordin moving on, but he did seem to be in good spirits overall.

“In this point in my life, it’s all about fresh, new living life to the fullest. I’ve been living very different for the past eight months. Man, it’s been like a new joy in my life. A new weight lifted, man, so it’s been really exciting.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jason Derulo seems over his split from Jordin Sparks. In an interview with Billboard magazine, the singer said, “I do get tired of playing nice. Especially when people think I did something wrong, or that she broke up with me. But that’s so behind me.”

As for Sparks, she opened up to The Breakfast Club about their breakup.

“I haven’t spoken to him since everything went down. He helped me with my bag to the car, he kissed me, he told me he loved me.. then [he] didn’t call! I’m like, ‘ We need to talk about this and move past it.’ He wasn’t responding and I was like, ‘Okay,’ so then, I just stopped and I was like, ‘You need to come get your s–t.’ So he got all of his stuff out of my house.”

Although Sparks didn’t sound pleased with him, she did have some nice parting words about her ex.

“He’s a great guy. Like, I don’t wish him any harm. He did some stupid s—, but I can’t hold that against him.”

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