Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson Ready To Play Without New Contract From Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Russell Wilson and his contract status still persist. The Seahawks and Wilson still haven’t come to terms on a contract extension, and it is starting to look like he could enter the 2015 NFL season without it being settled. A report from on Tuesday (June 4) revealed that Wilson has addressed the possibility of playing his next NFL season without a new deal in place. The question was asked of him by a reporter wondering if he was comfortable with that happening.

“Yeah, I’m prepared for that 100 percent, if that’s the case. You know, I want to be here for a long time, but if that’s the case I’ve just got to get ready to play. I love the game, and I love being out here with these guys and just playing, and so ultimately I just take it one day at a time and just see where it takes me.”

As reported previously on the Inquisitr, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill just received a huge contract extension this offseason. The Dolphins gave Tannehill $96 million, with $45 million of it being guaranteed. It likely helped raise the price tag for what the Seattle Seahawks could have to pay Russell Wilson and possibly making the negotiations even tougher for those taking part. For any fans hoping that Wilson would give the Seahawks a “hometown discount,” that thought may need to be set aside. Even an argument that Tannehill is getting overpaid doesn’t hold value here because Wilson’s agent is going to argue Wilson should get more.

The reality of the situation is that the Seahawks have Wilson under contract for the 2015 NFL season. The team might not be feeling a lot of pressure to get a long-term deal settled with its quarterback. If that is the case, the front office may have no problem dragging this out until the next season gets started. There had been rumors about a fear of a Wilson injury taking place because he is such a mobile quarterback, and that could affect the overall value of any future deal.

Russell Wilson already has a raise of about $1 million coming to him for the 2015 NFL season. He is scheduled to make just over $1.5 million, with a cap hit of just under $1.7 million assigned to him. For this reason, there isn’t a rush for the Seahawks to agree to a new deal with him. To bring an end to all these Seattle Seahawks rumors, though, the team could concede that Wilson is an integral part of the team, and they must keep him happy with a huge raise.

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