Goldberg Reveals His Plans To Wrestle Again, Says He Won’t Work With Any Established Wrestling Organizations

There’s very few people in the wrestling business that have made a bigger impact in a shorter amount of time than Goldberg. For a short period of time, he may have been the biggest thing in wrestling. However, with success came resentment from most of the locker room, as most of the wrestlers resented the fact that Goldberg was getting so much from a business that he didn’t care about.

After WCW was bought by WWE in the spring of 2001, Goldberg chose to sit on the sidelines rather than having his WCW contract bought out by WWE. Nearly two years later, Goldberg made his WWE debut, and during his one year in the company, he didn’t exactly make a whole lot of friends, and, to this day, it seems that WWE doesn’t want him back.

It’s been nearly a decade since Goldberg has wrestled on a big stage, and he is always getting asked about going back to WWE, or at least wrestling one more match somewhere, at some point. Well, it appears that Goldberg is planning to wrestle again, but not for WWE, not for TNA, not for GFW and, well, not for any established wrestling organization.

Goldberg recently spoke with Rolling Stone, and revealed his plans to have one more match, but, he says that he will be putting on his own event in order to make that happen, because he doesn’t want to deal with other people telling him what he can and can’t do when he returns to the ring.

“This is an event I’m gonna put on myself. Not in association with Global Force or anyone. It’s an opportunity I’ve been given through a number of influential people to fulfill a dream of mine – to let my son watch me wrestle. I don’t want anybody telling me what to do in any capacity anymore. Therefore, I’m gonna do it on my own.”

There still is plenty of time for WWE to make Goldberg an offer between now and WrestleMania if WWE wants him back for the event. In the past, Goldberg has said that he would be open to going back to WWE under the right circumstances, but he’s also not chomping at the bit to go back due to his first experience with the company being so bad. But, WWE does want to make next year’s WrestleMania the biggest wrestling show of all-time, and, if they don’t feel like they have enough big names going into the show, they could very well make Goldberg an offer he can’t refuse.

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