iPhone 5 Trade-In Worth More Now Than Ever: How Much Can You Get For Your Old iPhone?

As fans eagerly await the arrival of the next iPhone model to launch within the next few months, it appears Apple has taken initiative to increase the amount of store credit and trade-in value of existing iPhone devices in retail stores, namely, the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s, and even older models, such as the iPhone 4s.

Forbes reports that fans are holding off on purchasing additional Apple devices until later this month, thanks to the news that the brand is increasing the price they are willing to pay for these older models via the Apple Reuse and Recycle program, most likely to boost iPhone sales for the following month.

BGR reports that according to 9to5Mac, Apple updated its trade-in program to allow consumers to apply in-store credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone.

The site notes that the trade-in program means customers can get approximately $15-$25 more out of their trade in, racking in $50 for older iPhone 4s units, $100 for iPhone 5 units, and $200 for the iPhone 5s, while the terms of the trade-in service notes that it also depends on the condition of your phone.

Toms Guide also provides information regarding which retailers offer the best value for trade-in.

The site reveals that Amazon leads the pack when it comes to offering best prices for iPhone 5 models from servicers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon phones, with Sprint and T-Mobile offering lower values for iPhone 5 trade-ins in comparison to competitors Verizon and AT&T.

Consumer desire for trade-ins continue to grow as rumors for the iPhone 6s release continues to make headlines.

While the iPhone 5 is nearing three years in age, Gotta Be Mobile reports that it remains the most popular iPhone model to date, with the majority of users currently owning this model in comparison to any other Apple model currently available.

So should you trade-in your iPhone 5 for credit towards the new iPhone 6s?

Gotta Be Mobile suggests that those looking for a trade-in value to apply to the new iPhone model may have a long wait ahead of them.

“Apple is not expected to announce the iPhone 6s at WWDC 2015 next week. Instead, the company will reportedly focus on iOS 9, iOS 8.4, a new version of OS X, a streaming music service called Apple Music and a new Apple TV.”

More specifically, rumors suggest the next iPhone model will release closer to September, in contrast to previous reports that predicted an August release date.

With iPhone 5 trade-in values at an all-time high, reports suggest that it is advantageous for those looking to upgrade to a new iPhone model to do so while the new reuse and recycle policy reflects a better value for your trade-in.

Will you be upgrading your iPhone 5 to obtain the new iPhone 6s when it’s available, or will you upgrade to an older model?

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