iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 6s: Will The 6s Be Worth The Upgrade When It Comes Out?

With such a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and “phablets” out there today, it’s easy to get confused and wonder which ones will suit you best.

Whether you’re upgrading from an old mobile device or getting your first ever, it helps to do a little digging first. As many people know, the star of the show for Apple is, of course, the iPhone. Even if you’re a die hard fan of one phone company though, there’s still a lot of choices within their flagship phone and tablet lines, and it can be overwhelming at first. For instance, even being dead set on an iPhone doesn’t answer the question of which iPhone you actually want.

That’s what this article’s here for. Meet the iPhone 5 and see how it might stack up to the (unreleased) iPhone 6s. According to Gottabemobile, some of the improvements we could see in the iPhone 6s include an improved touch ID fingerprint sensor (which people have used as a “password” for getting into their phones), which the site says would make Apple Pay safer and more accurate being that it relies on the touch sensor to unlock the phone. The site also predicted that Apple might use a new metal for its phone, therefore rectifying problems it had with the iPhone 6 plus bending with very little effort on the user’s part. Among some of the other issues iPhones have had lately is the incident in which a teenager was burnt by their iPhone 5s, which caught fire while charging.

For its part, the iPhone 5 has some interesting new features that we didn’t see in older models like the iPhone 4 and 4s. According to ABC News, some of the iPhone 5’s innovations include a taller screen, the ability to use 4G LTE data (making it faster than 3G data), and an enhanced camera that can take panoramic pictures. The site also mentioned that iPhone 5’s come with Passbook, an application that lets you store gift cards, coupons, loyalty/reward cards, and other similar items digitally and uses your location to call the cards up when and where they’re needed. The passbook application isn’t super new to the iPhone environment, but it’s a pretty helpful app if you have the time and patience to set it up (setup takes only a little bit, but getting it on your iPhone’s lock screen can be frustrating).

According to Apple’s official website, the iPhone 5 runs on ios 8, its newest operating system. The site mentioned one interesting new feature of ios 8, which is that the iPhone learns when your phone is most in use and updates apps and other content accordingly, so that less power is used to do so. This might help convert Galaxy fans (who are used to the ability to switch out their batteries) convert to iPhone and assuage any fears they might have about losing longer battery life. Newer iPhones (ios 7+) also come with iCloud Keychain, a password manager that will safely store all your passwords, not only keeping you safe but saving a lot of time and guesswork as well.

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